STRI Research Day 2017: the Highlights

The Sports Turf Research Institute (STRI), an ESSMA Stadium Partner, organised its annual research meeting on 20-21 September, at the STRI Headquarters in Bingley (United Kingdom). The event was open for all ESSMA members, with specific attention to our group of pitch professionals, including the Groundsmen of Twickenham Stoop and Leicester City FC, as well as Pitch Partners such as Tarkett Hybrid Grass and Campey-Imants.

STRI Research Day’s main goal was to gain exclusive insights in STRI’s daily activities with a guided tour around the research trial grounds. Seven separate demo sessions were showcased towards the participants with the purpose to activate discussions amongst the pitch experts present and to collect their thoughts regarding the innovative products, machinery and techniques that were trialed and tested by the STRI professionals.
A brief overview of the topics that were presented and discussed:

  • Bespoke multipurpose pitch solutions: a pitch changeover system that significantly reduces the time needed to change between sports and concerts
  • Fungicide trials: preventive vs conventional approaches to disease control
  • Sky maintenance: use of drones in daily pitch management
  • Disease control and nutritional program trial
  • Every seed counts: application timings and new fungicide technologie

In case you would like to have additional information about the event, or you would like to inquire about attending next year's edition, please do not hesitate to reach out to the ESSMA team.

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