Tackling COVID-19 at Juventus - Insights from our webinar

On April 23th, we welcomed Francesco Gianello, Head of Allianz Stadium & Facilities, as the first speaker in our webinars series. He talked us through the Italian timeline of the COVID-19 outbreak, the impact on the sports activities in Allianz Stadium and the strategy towards re-opening.

The three main highlights for the period to come according to Francesco Gianello:

1. Keep the numbers low on matches behind closed doors.

The match behind closed doors against Inter Milan on March 8th generated two key takeaways. First of all, it is important to keep the numbers as low as possible and be strict. Juventus limited the number to 300 and divided the essential staff into 3 groups (maintenance & broadcasting, media, football teams). The second learning is to optimise the flow of those groups within the stadium and avoid them crossing each other at all times.

2. Metal detectors with integrated thermometers

Technology is vital to tackle COVID-19. Juventus played one match behind closed doors in the beginning of March. At that time, they were already taking temperatures of entire staff present, a necessary governmental precaution to play the match. As re-opening will not be realistic without hygienic technology, Juventus is now analysing the possibility of metal detectors with integrated thermometers and several types of camera systems.

3. Plan the road towards re-opening

Although there is no clear re-opening date set, it is important to plan the way towards re-opening. Juventus is preparing protocols and road books, working up to DAY ZERO. In that way, the club is prepared whenever the government authorises matches again. 

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