The case of LaLiga: developing a framework for a more media-centred approach of the competition

The 4th edition of the ESSMA Summit took place 16 and 17 January 2018 in the iconic Aviva Stadium, Dublin, Ireland. About 375 people active in the sports and stadium industry could network and listen to leading keynote and seminar speakers.


One of the keynote sessions focused on matchday operations. An introduction was provided by Marc Schmidgall, Head of Communications and Marketing ECA, followed by presentations from Roger Brosel, Head of Content and Programming LaLiga and Francesco Gianello, Head of Stadium Juventus FC.

Framework to develop optimal operations - LaLiga 

Roger Brosel explained the 2016 new regulations of LaLiga and how they are creating a good viewing experience for both the fans at the stadium and at home.

Before 2016, the clubs negotiated the TV rights individually and uniformity was hard to find. The first focus was issuing an in-depth audit of every stadium with the following aspects in mind:

  1. Lights and power: light quality, temperature and more 
  2. TV and media facilities: camera positions, press facilities and TV cabling
  3. Pitch, in cooperation with the Spanish association of greenkeepers: type of grass, composition, strength, and so on
  4. Marketing elements: secondary ad ring, benches, advertising on TV/media facilities, etc. 

Based on this thorough audit process, LaLiga published the new regulations in May 2016. Their aim: to create a visual consistent identity for all LaLiga games.

A better viewing experience = a better product for fans = more income which means a bigger revenue for clubs in terms of TV rights

Based on the new regulations, several aspects were improved at the clubs:

  1. Facilities: upgraded infrastructure in every stadium; press box, commentary positions, TV compound area with enough space 
  2. Pitch: the pitch is the stage for the ‘show’ and needs to be in the best possible condition. Next to that, uniformity is key: no patterns, same height and colours
  3. Fans: working together with the clubs to increase stadium attendance
  4. Marketing: clear definition of permitted and prohibited items
  5. Stadium staff: same use of accreditation and colours for every stadium
  6. Camera plan: cameras placed in the best position to take top quality footage
  7. Content: consistency in the use of interview backdrops. Improved dressing rooms so they look good on TV (and additional content that can be used in production). 

In building a better product, LaLiga went from zero to 125 items that Match Delegates must check before, during and after every game.

As TV rights are by far the biggest income source for the league (and important for the clubs as well), innovation plays a crucial role in upgrading the available content:

  • Skycams for those spectacular shots
  • 360° integration for replays: stitched together thanks to 38 cameras across the stadium
  • Polecam and net minicams
  • And more projects with a focus on delivering a high-quality viewing experience 

Roger brought a comprehensive explanation on how LaLiga strategically decided to have a new workaround which places the content as an attractive product in the market, both nationally and internationally.

Stadiums are a vital part in TV production and are now getting more equipped; this is a resource for consistent, good-looking and enhanced media content. 

Interview with Roger Brosel on his presentation about creating a framework for optimal operations at LaLiga: 

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