The new stadium of FC Lugano as part of Lugano's new sports and events centre

The PSE-project (Polo sportivo e degli eventi di Cornaredo) was announced by the municipality of Lugano at the end of 2017. It includes a new stadium for FC Lugano, sports facilities, office spaces, a building for the city’s administrative services and a new football pitch with a surrounding athletics track. It will be constructed on the current site of the Cornaredo Stadium, a multi-purpose stadium which houses FC Lugano.


Total Estimated Project Cost

CHF 250 million (€ 212 million)

Total Surface Area

92,848 m2

Football Stadium

16,386 m2

Multi-functional facilities

43,439 m2

The current stadium of FC Lugano does not comply with the Swiss Football League (SFL) and UEFA regulations for the Super League teams, but the SFL granted the City an exemption until 2021. Therefore, the new Category A or A+ stadium will be compliant with the “New Stadium’ standards of the Swiss Football League in 2007 and UEFA regulations.  

The following facilities will be included in the new stadium: access control, separate access for players and referees, anti-doping control, larger changing rooms, sanitary facilities, a catering area, a media zone, a hospitality area, a first aid area and a heated pitch.

The City’s goal is to achieve a modern and complete infrastructure by that date, with spaces for sports clubs, security, the reception of guests and the media. The capacity will be adapted to the minimum need of 10,000 spectators, of which at least two thirds will be seated.


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