Valencia FC’s approach to engaging fans with video content on matchday

Julio Tarréga Diéz, (former) Audiovisual Manager of Valencia CF, shared the strategy behind engaging fans with video content at Mestalla, the different projects and the club’s overall vision regarding video content during the ESSMA Summit.

Valencia CF puts its fans at the centre of the show; fans are the stars. All of the video content is turned into a real story, producing qualitative content that is innovative and adapted to the audience. The main reasons why they wanted to invest in video content are:

  • To improve fan experience and encourage the fans returning to the stadium
  • To offer new activation models for sponsors
  • To integrate the stadium in the club’s digital strategy


During a first project to engage and interact with fans, they focused on smartphones. The club implemented a live LTE multicast including 5 HD Channels with:

  • Behind-the-scenes
  • 3D Virtual Arena
  • Video’s uploaded by fans
  • Social media
  • 3 hour show on match day 

Even though the initial outcome of the project was a success, the were losing the most important factor: sharing live emotions in the stadium together with other fans. Therefore, the club decided to try a new type of video content based on video walls. 

Video walls

A next project focused on video walls with 4 new HD video walls (+ a reference video wall), 2 robotic cameras, 4 fibreoptic points for camera operators, 8 high sensitive microphones placed at different stands and a multiscreen production system. During matchdays, 7 dedicated staff work on the video content operations.  

The aim of the club is to extend the spectacle more than only the 90 minutes on the pitch, diversifying the entertainment and not limiting it to only football. Furthermore, they want fans to return home with a feeling that they had fun even after a loss and to increase the sense of belonging. 

To achieve this, an audiovisual system is implemented to improve fan experience. This system helps them to create a story around every game by a countdown and providing behind-the-scenes videos. Moreover, an interactive multi-screen show such as a Kiss Cam, Dance Cam, Pandereta Cam, etc. gives fans the feeling that they are important as well.

Valencia CF’s overall vision regarding video content

  • What is around the match can be as attractive as the game itself
  • New technological opportunities demand new contact models for fans and sponsors
  • The product (the match) is as important as the emotions through it
  • Make fans fall in love with the club every matchday

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