What we learned from our latest ESSMA Connect session on stadium operations software

Last Friday we were joined by David Payne - EMEA Business Development Manager at 24/7 Software - for our latest ESSMA Connect session. During the session we discussed stadium operations software and the many advantages it can bring to your organisation.

ESSMA’s Stadium Operations Software Report

A survey amongst 29 members and 8 interviews with industry experts provided us with valuable insights to create our latest Stadium Operations Software Report. During the connect session we shared several highlights from this report, including:

87% of stadium operators say real-time awareness is an important aspect of their stadium operations software, especially in the fields of steward positioning, safety messages and building maintenance. 

“A crucial part of communication on matchdays is to have as little delay as possible.”

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The ACDA Principal

24/7 Software created a model that can be used to make sure all stadium operations run smooth and efficient. This model is called the ACDA Principal and stands for:

  • Awareness: increased awareness means you can anticipate and prevent threats from impacting the facility.

  • Communication: clear and real-time communication allows you to communicate critical information when you need to.

  • Documentation: complete and accurate digital documentation gives you the possibility to prevent future threats by analysing the data.

  • Analysis: analysing the gathered data is useful to increase efficiency and safety. It allows you to see problems that you would not have seen without the data.

Re-watch the ESSMA Connect session

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In our upcoming ESSMA Connect session, Timm Jäger - CEO at Deutsche Bank Park - will share more about Eintracht Frankfurt’s “Arena of IoT” project. Through this digitalisation project, Eintracht Frankfurt can play an active role as a motor for digitisation in the region, as the stadium is an ideal place to try out future-proof IoT solutions and scale them to wider uses.

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