ESSMA welcomes Nation-E as new Corporate Partner

By September 08, 2017

ESSMA is glad to announce Nation-E as latest Corporate Partner. Nation-E is a cyber protection company focusing on securing OT systems. They offer innovative solutions to defend stadium infrastructure and are committed to protect vulnerable critical assets.

Nation-E would like to increase ESSMA members’ awareness about the need to ensure a safe environment for sport venues and fans.

Daniel Jammer, Chairman Nation-E 



Cyber attacks such as terrorist attacks, ransom and blackmail, gambling, sportive rivalry and hate communication can threaten the integrity of matches and competitions. A product which can be implemented to prevent these attacks is the Serial Alarm and Lock, a Smart Agent System. It offers a solution for sealing, encrypting authenticating and protecting communication flow of data through serial lines thus applying a physical layer of protection for serial communication utilized by OT assets coupled with a Push Notification mechanism sending an alarm when the serial line between the system components is compromised. Learn more about the Serial Alarm and Lock. 


Securing your organisation has become a critical aspect. The ESSMA community can benefit from the know-how in terms of cyber protection of Nation-E.

Dimitri Huygen, Managing Director ESSMA



During the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, Nation-E’s monitoring system and other products have been used in the International Broadcast Center.


More information about Nation-E



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