Initial architectural outlines for the new FC Nantes stadium

By March 30, 2018
©Photo credit: HKS/ATSP ©Photo credit: HKS/ATSP

As part of the YelloPark public consultation, Waldemar Kita, FC Nantes Chairman, has revealed the initial architectural outlines for the new FC Nantes stadium.


Fixed and retractable roof to improve comfort and optimize the carbon footprint

The roof is composed of two parts: a fixed 25,500 sqm roof and a retractable central 12,000 sqm oculus, providing shelter to all the spectators in case of bad weather. The fixed roof could be used to produce photovoltaic energy for both the stadium and new district needs, should the future studies validate this choice.


Increased visibility for each audience

Each entrance of the stadium will have its façade, its urban signature and will be dedicated to the holders of a specific ticket. Inside the stadium, the design is based on the principle of maximizing mid-field prime view seating, rethinking the traditional horizontally stratified organization of the stadium.


Connected stadium and unspoiled atmosphere

The new stadium will offer a unique dimension for all spectators thanks to the services, comfort and technologies offered. Everyone, from the purchase of a ticket to match day, will be immersed in the heart of the event and participate in the general atmosphere.


A few provisional figures

  • 40,000 seats
  • 125m diameter oculus
  • 37m of free height above pitch
  • 10 main entrances
  • 1 giant 360° screen
  • a 1,000 sqm museum
  • 7,000 Kop seats in the same area
  • 150 media seats
  • 150 conference room seats
  • 600 sqm shop
  • 25,500 sqm fixed roof
  • 12,000 sqm retractable roof


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