After a successful first workshop on safety management, ESSMA organised the Stadium Management workshop which took place 31st May to 1st June. Over those 2 days we could welcome several speakers on different topics giving us more insights in general stadium development, operations and sustainability. 

The World Soccer Congress took place from 1-3 June 2016 in Shanghai. This congress focused on the world soccer industry development and China soccer reform in particular. As an association partner, ESSMA supported this event providing a keynote speaker, stressing the growing importance of China as a football nation and industry. 

As been presented during the ESSMA Summit in Bilbao, in January 2016, ESSMA will organise 4 dedicated workshops around their areas of expertise (Pitch Management, Stadium Management, Fan Entertainment and Safety Management). Each of these workshops will be accompanied by a dedicated case study, collecting and presenting additional insights. 

ESSMA members Amsterdam ArenA and Philips Lighting signed an innovation partnership. They plan to use dynamic LED pitch lighting which will take the sports experience to a whole new level. 

With a look back at the ESSMA Summit 2016 and a look forward to the new stadium plans of SC Freiburg, we had an interview with Marcel Boyé. As Head of Stadium and Organization, he gave an inspiring presentation at the Summit and that’s why we wanted to know more about the club’s stadium plans. 

Following the Safety & Security workshop at the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Stuttgart 22 & 23 March, ESSMA would like to inform its members about the Project ARGUS. 

As presented at the ESSMA Summit in Bilbao, ESSMA will organize 4 dedicated workshops in 2016, one per domain of expertise (Safety Management, Stadium Management, Pitch Management and Fan Entertainment). 

In the last few years, Hungary has been very active in the stadium industry. A current wave of stadium constructions can be recognized, in which three new stadiums are already inaugurated, seven stadiums are under construction or in design phase and more stadiums are supposed to get a facelift in the near future. 

In this preview of the stadium infrastructure for the Africa Cup of Nations (ACN 2017), we had an interview with Joël Lehman Sandoungout, General Manager at ANAGEISC